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Automatic Review Requests

Automatic Review Requests (ARR) is an invitation method that can be used to automate the collection of service and product reviews. In this guide, we’ll explain how it works and how to set it up.

How does ARR work?

You send an email to your customer after they’ve had an interaction with your business. If you include Goodreviews as a BCC on this email, it then serves as a trigger email that activates ARR and notifies us that we should send this customer a review invitation. Here's a breakdown: 

1. Your customer makes a purchase or has a service experience with your business.

2. You send them a transactional email with your unique goodreviews email BCCd. This will trigger a separate email to be sent to Goodreviews, which notifies us to send a review invitation.

3. We'll queue an invitation to be sent. It will be delivered within 24 hours.

4. Your customer will receive the invitation, which allows them to write a review of their experience with your business.

The transactional email that you use to trigger ARR can be many things. Some examples include invoices, purchase orders or confirmations, receipts, welcome emails, support requests, shipping notifications, etc.

Note: BCC stands for "Blind Carbon Copy." It’s a way to send an email to others without the main recipient knowing. Your customer will not be able to see that the email was also sent to Goodreviews.

How to set it up

  1. In Goodreviews, go to Get Reviews > scroll down to Collect reviews automatically > click Automatic requests


  1. You’ll see your unique Goodreviews email address. You can copy it by clicking Copy email address.

  2. Add this address as a BCC recipient on the transactional email you want to use to trigger ARR. You’ll need to do this in the email settings of whichever system you’re using to trigger from.

After you send your transactional email to a customer, we’ll soon get the trigger email. Once we receive it, a review invitation will automatically be queued for delivery.

Other ARR notes


All emails sent out will first go through our deduplication process.

Without getting too technical, this means that a customer who has received a review request before won’t receive another.

So, if someone buys from you over and over again (also, yay!) they will not receive a review request over and over again.

Follow-up Sequence

All email campaigns have a built-in email follow-up sequence. If your customer does not open their first review request within 7-days, they will receive a follow-up review request. We do this to increase the likelihood that you receive reviews.

Customize your ARR invitations

This guide does not cover your email setup, setting your scores, customizing your email or logo. If you would like to do this please follow this guide: Review request settings.