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Review Rest Period

Simple, Effective, Respectful: Managing Review Invitations

At Goodreviews, we understand that the relationship between businesses and their customers is delicate. That's why we developed the "Review Rest Period" feature. It's straightforward: we help businesses collect customer reviews without overdoing it. This means sending review requests sparingly, ensuring a 6-month gap between each. It’s about respecting everyone's inbox – a simple, effective way to keep both our business clients and their customers happy.

What is the Review Rest Period?

Our "Review Rest Period" feature is a system safeguard that automatically prevents customers from receiving multiple review invitations within a 6-month timeframe. This initiative is part of our commitment to avoid overwhelming our valued customers with excessive communications and to maintain the high quality of our customer interactions.

How Does It Work?

  1. 6-Month Rolling Period: Once a customer receives a review invitation, they are not eligible to receive another for a 6-month period. This period is calculated from the date of the initial invitation.

    • Example: If a customer receives an invitation on December 13, 2023, the next eligible date for them to receive another invitation would be June 13, 2024.

  2. Reset on New Purchase: If a customer makes another purchase within this 6-month window, the timer resets. For instance, a purchase on January 21, 2024, would extend their eligibility for a new review invitation to July 21, 2024, and so on.

  3. Extended Eligibility: This feature can extend a customer's 'no send' period for years if they are frequent shoppers, thereby ensuring they are not burdened with repetitive requests.

Benefits of the Review Rest Period

  • Avoids Spamming Customers: Ensures that even the most frequent shoppers aren't inundated with daily review requests.

  • Accidental Input Protection: If a customer's contact information is accidentally entered twice, they won't receive duplicate review requests.

  • Integration with Other Systems: Works in tandem with systems like ARR or Square. If our system has already sent a review request and you mistakenly send another, the customer won't receive the duplicate.

  • Maintains Positive Customer Relationships: By reducing the frequency of review requests, we show respect for our customers' time and attention, fostering a more positive overall experience with our brand.

For more information or assistance with this feature, please contact our support team.