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How to View Owner Permissions in Google Business Profile

In this article, we're going to assist you in understanding how to check owner permissions in your Google Business Profile. The process is straightforward and requires just a few steps.

To start, open a browser and navigate to Google. Your task here is to search for your business name alongside your location. For example, you could type "Goodreviews Sydney". This search will bring up your Google Business Profile.

Once you've located your profile:

  1. Find and click on the three-dot menu, which is located towards the right of your Google Business Profile.


  2. From the dropdown options, select "Business Settings".

  3. Then, proceed to click on "Manage Users".


By following these simple steps, you can easily view all users, their corresponding email addresses, and their respective permission levels within your Google Business Profile.

Understanding who has what level of access to your Google Business Profile is essential for maintaining a secure and efficient operation.

If you need additional support or have any questions, remember that we at Goodreviews are always ready to help.