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Collect reviews with QR Codes

QR codes offer a versatile way to engage customers and streamline the review process across various touchpoints.

Goodreviews offers a simple and effective method to gather customer feedback through QR codes. These codes can direct customers to your review page swiftly, enhancing the visibility and feedback of your brand.

We offer two types of QR Codes:

  1. Branded QR Code: Features your logo and the call-to-action (CTA) "Scan to leave us a review," reinforcing your brand while engaging customers.

  2. Blank QR Code: Leads customers directly to your review page.


Tracking Performance

Each scan of your QR code is meticulously tracked and displayed in your dashboard under the "Scanned QR" metric, allowing you to monitor how often your QR codes are being used.

QR scans will also be displayed in your customer records.

How to Access Your QR Codes

Log In: Sign into your Goodreviews account.

Navigate: Go to the 'Reviews' section in the main navigation bar, then select 'Get Reviews'.

Download QR Codes: Click on the 'Download' button to access and download the pre-generated QR codes.

The Versatility of QR Codes

QR codes are incredibly versatile tools that can be integrated into nearly any part of your business operations. As you consider how to implement them, think about the daily interactions your business has with customers and identify key points where a QR code could enhance engagement and encourage reviews. Whether it’s at the point of sale, during service delivery, or after a customer experience, placing QR codes strategically can create numerous touchpoints for review gathering.

Examples of QR Codes in action:

1. Takeaway and Delivery Orders

Include QR codes on takeaway and delivery packaging, such as receipts and napkins, to facilitate easy review submission from home.

2. Checkout Points

Place QR code stickers on checkout iPads or at registers, allowing customers to scan and leave a review at the point of sale.

3. Service Vehicles

Add QR code stickers to service vehicles to enable neighbors and passersby to scan and learn about the services provided.

4. Event Booths and Trade Shows

Display QR codes at event booths to encourage attendees to leave reviews based on their interactions.

5. In-Store Displays

Integrate QR codes into in-store displays or posters to invite customers to review their shopping experience.

6. Product Tags and Labels

Attach QR codes to product tags or labels to encourage reviews post-purchase, especially useful for apparel and electronics.

7. Email Signatures and Electronic Receipts

Incorporate QR codes in email signatures and electronic receipts to remind customers to leave a review after online interactions.

8. Appointment Cards and Service Reminders

Use QR codes on appointment cards or service reminders to prompt clients to review their experience post-visit.

9. Loyalty Cards

Embed QR codes on loyalty cards to enhance customer engagement by encouraging reviews after each visit.

10. Public Transport and Rental Services

Place QR codes inside rental vehicles or on rental equipment, allowing users to leave feedback after their rental period.


QR codes provide a straightforward and effective method for your customers to leave reviews, helping to boost your business's reputation and online visibility. By strategically placing these QR codes, you can enhance customer engagement and gather valuable feedback efficiently.