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How to format customer lists

In this article, we will be discussing the format guidelines for the CSV template upload used in the multiple customers' send feature.

This article only covers the formatting aspect. If you would like to read a bib

When you download and open the template, it is important that you do not change any of the column headings, as they will not correctly map to our systems.

To use the template, simply download it and begin adding your customers' information to the relevant columns as provided. The following list shows the types of information that Goodreviews accepts:

Identifier type

Column header

Description and formatting guidelines


First Name


We accept first name and first name initial, with or without accents. Initials can be provided with or without a period.


Last Name


We accept full last names with or without accents.




We accept email addresses in up to 3 separate columns. Only one email can go in each cell. US and international formats are accepted.



Phone numbers must include a country code to be used for matching. For example, the number +1 must precede a phone number in the United States.

Important: Always include the country code as part of your customers' phone numbers, even if all of your data is from the same country. The number must also include the "+" plus sign.

USA/CA example:
+1 844 412 4653

AU example:
+61 433 727 666

NZ example:
+64 3 345 6789

If you are experiencing any issues and need assistance, our team is here to help. Just send us a message at and attach the list you are trying to upload.