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How to Add a Goodreviews Widget to Your Shopify Website

Integrating the Goodreviews widget into your Shopify site can enhance customer engagement by collecting and displaying reviews. This guide will show you how to add both inline and floating widgets to specific pages or across your entire site.

Before You Start: Ensure you have the Goodreviews installation code. If you need help obtaining this, please refer to our support documentation.

Adding Inline Widgets

For Online Store 2.0 Themes:

  1. Open the Theme Editor:

    • Log in to your Shopify admin.

    • Navigate to Online Store → Themes.

    • Click "Customize" on your current theme.

  2. Select the Page:

    • Use the page dropdown at the top of the theme editor to select the page where you want the widget.

  3. Add Custom Liquid Section:

    • Click "Add section" and choose "Custom Liquid".

    • Paste the Goodreviews widget code in the provided field.

    • Adjust settings like color scheme and padding as needed.

  4. Save and Publish:

    • Click "Save", then "Publish" to apply the changes.

For Vintage Themes:

  1. Access Theme Customization:

    • Navigate to Online Store → Themes.

    • Click "Customize" on your active theme.

  2. Choose the Page:

    • Select the specific page from the top dropdown menu.

  3. Add a Custom HTML Block:

    • Click "Add section", select "Custom Content".

    • Click "Add block", choose "Custom HTML".

    • Enter the Goodreviews widget code.

  4. Adjust and Save:

    • Modify settings as necessary.

    • Save and publish your changes.

Adding Floating Widgets

Site-Wide Installation:

  1. Access the Theme Code:

    • Go to Online Store → Themes.

    • Click "Actions" next to your theme, then "Edit code".

  2. Modify Theme.liquid File:

    • Find the theme.liquid file under the "Layout" section.

    • Paste the Goodreviews widget code before the closing </body> tag for a floating widget that appears on all pages.

  3. Save Changes:

    • Click "Save" to update your theme.

Specific Page Installation:

  1. Follow Steps for Inline Widgets:

    • Instead of pasting the code within the content area, insert the Goodreviews code in a manner that ensures it remains visible as users scroll (e.g., within a fixed position div).

Best Practices:

  • Test on a Backup Theme: Before making changes to your live theme, test on a duplicate to ensure compatibility.

  • Check Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure the widget looks good on mobile devices since a significant portion of traffic is mobile.

  • Update Regularly: Keep your widget and Shopify theme updated to ensure compatibility and security.

With these steps, you should be able to effectively integrate Goodreviews widgets into your Shopify store, enhancing your site's functionality and user engagement.