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In-store mode

In-store mode allows businesses to capture feedback from customers while they are at your location. In-store mode is a dedicated review micro-website that is specific to your business. Customers are presented with a one-to-ten slider, and one hour later, they will receive an invitation to review your business on Google. This allows you to capture Google reviews and improve your online reputation.

Many of our customers use this collection method on a dedicated tablet, making it perfect for businesses such as dental practices, hotels, law firms, and more.

image.pngHow Can I Use In-store Mode?

Here’s a couple of key uses case for In-store Mode:

Working with an industry with face-to-face interaction at the end of the customer experience? Why not present the feedback web page to the customer via a tablet, such as an iPad?

And here’s a top tip for restaurants and hotels: if you’re serving a couple, while one of them is paying the balance or finalizing the bill, present the other with the tablet to gather their feedback. No more awkward twiddling of thumbs while the partner pays!

Perfect for: hotels, restaurants, service area businesses

If the nature of business is a little more private (in medical or law practices, for example), create a feedback station in the business entrance area to allow customers leaving the premises to leave their feedback privately but promptly.

Perfect for: dentists, doctors, chiropractors, therapists, lawyers

Its particularly useful for hospitality and service-based businesses, which tend to end with a face-to-face, employee/customer interaction. Keep reading for some unique ways to get reviews that your competitors will almost definitely be missing out on!

How do I set it up and use in-store mode?

To get your review micro-website or in-store mode link, all you have to do is navigate to the Get reviews > In-store mode


Place this link onto a dedicated tablet or device and you're done.

How will the experience be for my customers?

First, your customer is prompted to select a number between 1-10.

If your customer selects a 7 or below, they will be prompted to provide you with feedback.


After which they will be prompted to leave their name and email.

If your customer selects a 7 or above they will be prompted to also leave their name and email. After supplied they will receive an email one hour later requesting them to leave you a Google review. This review invitation is the one you've already set up during the Review Settings process.