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How to allow Google permissions for goodreviews

This step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to authorize google permissions for the goodreviews application.

Allowing Google permissions

For the goodreviews application to sync with your Google My Business profile, we require you to accept some permissions.

You can watch how to do this in the video below, or if you prefer a text-based guide you can continue 👇

Step one: Click Allow Permissions

Once you’ve clicked allow permissions you will be presented with all email accounts you have associated on Google.

💡 Important: The email you select in this step to allow access must be an email that has an Owner or Manager role within your Google My Bussiness account.

Use the same email you used to log in to Google My Business in the previous step and add our email address

Step two: Click correct permissions (check all boxes)

After you select your email address you will be presented with authentication from google stating: "Goodreviews app wants to access your Google account".

Underneath this section, it will state: This will allow goodreviews app to:

💡Imporatnt here you need to check the tick box that states allow this app to "edit" your account.

After you have checked this box click allow.

Success, you’ve now  completed this step