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We are so glad you are considering goodreviews as your review collection tool.

The free 14-day trial starts from the date you sign up. We require your credit card to activate the trial. We will send you an email 2-days before your trial expires as a friendly reminder.

We don’t believe in shackling people down. You can cancel at any time and there are no contracts associated to your account.

How to sign up

Navigate to the goodreviews signup page here.

Please fill out all the relevant information.


Select your plan and activate your free trial

We charge on a "per business location" model as a flat fee of $49.99.

This is based on how many Google My Business locations you have. Let’s say you have 3 GMB locations you would like to collect and display reviews for, this would be 3 x $49.99 totaling a monthly cost of $149.97.

All you have to do is enter how many locations you have. If you have only 1 leave this as 1.

From there, select if you would like to pay monthly or yearly (you will save 20% by signing up for yearly).


After you have filled out your information you can see the total amount to be charged post your free trial period under "Subscription amount to be paid per month".

On the right-hand side enter your credit card details (we do not allow for invoicing at this stage).

Click "Try this plan for 14-days"

You’ve now successfully activated your free 14-day trial and can use all the product features. ✅

During your free trial, you are allocated a maximum of 50 email review invitations and 30 SMS review invitations.

Each invitation credit represents one request to a customer and includes all follow-up efforts, regardless of the type of request.

For example:

  • If you send an SMS request to a customer and they then receive a follow-up SMS reminder, it will count as one SMS invitation.

  • If you send an SMS request and our follow-up system sends an email invitation and then a reminder SMS, it will count as one SMS credit.

  • If you send an email request to a customer and they then receive a follow-up email reminder, it will count as one email invitation.

When you move to a paid plan, your allocated monthly invitations will be refreshed to the usual limits. If you hit your credit limits early and would like to move to a paid plan as soon as possible you can email us at