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Automated Follow-up system

Maximize your review collection with Goodreviews' automated follow-up system.

Our automated follow-up system ensures that no customer is left behind when it comes to leaving a review. By utilizing the mobile number and email address on file, we send review invitations at the perfect moment to maximize your chances of receiving them.

When we have a mobile number and email address, we kick off the process with an SMS invitation, followed by an email reminder 24 hours later, and a final SMS nudge 48 hours later. This 3-day sequence guarantees that you won't miss out on a single review opportunity.

If we only have a mobile number on file, we send the initial invitation and follow-up reminder 48 hours later, and the same applies to email only.

Our system is designed to make the process as simple and efficient as possible for both you and your customers, and it's all wrapped up in just 2 days.

Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to a flood of positive reviews with Goodreviews.

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