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What is Link Mode?

With Link Mode, we give you a simple URL that automatically directs customers to leave you a Google Review.

It’s simple. It’s flexible. And in your hands, it’s really powerful.

All clicks of your link-mode are tracked on your dashboard page, so you can see the efforts of this feature.

Seven Ways to Use Link Mode

1. Email

The first place you’ll want to start using Link Mode is within email campaigns. Goodreviews already offers you the ability to send review request emails from directly within the platform.

However, we realize that lots of businesses already have an Email Service Provider in place. With Link Mode, you can create a review request URL to use in any email system: MailChimp Campaign Monitor, Hubspot—the list goes on.

And you can use the link in all types of emails—not just review request campaigns. You could drop the link within an e-receipt template, a regular newsletter, or in the signature of personal emails.

2. SMS

94% of SMS messages are opened. That’s insanely high engagement, especially considering the average open rate for email is only 21%.

Every business sends emails, but not many use SMS. Given the high engagement rates, you should definitely be using SMS to encourage customer reviews.

Simply include the Link in your SMS messages when you message your customers.

Your Link Mode landing pages are mobile-responsive and super-fast so you’ll get great results using SMS to generate new reviews.

Spoiler alert: Soon you’ll be able to send SMS message from within Goodreviews directly. More on that soon.

3. On your Website

The goodreviews widget has the inbuilt functionality of allowing your customers to leave a review.

But what if you want to ask for reviews in different areas of your website?

Well with link mode you can.

You could create a ‘Leave A Review’ button to sit in the footer of your website, or show the link on a confirmation page after form completions or purchases.

You could even trigger a popup for returning customers, asking them to give feedback for a recent purchase.

4. Via Live Chat

If you offer live chat on your website, you can use a Link Mode URL to automatically encourage feedback and reviews after resolving customer issues. The same goes for businesses that communicate with customers via Facebook Messenger.

As Link Mode campaigns also include an NPS survey, they’ll fit perfectly alongside existing customer service metrics.

And if you’re fully on board with the robot revolution, you can even use using Link Mode with chatbots.

5. In Your Booking Systems

If your business takes bookings, chances are you’ll be sending out plenty of communications through systems like SimplyBook, Bookeo, or Timely.

You can add a Link Mode URL into your existing booking journey such as adding it to ‘confirmation’, ‘thank you’, or ‘book again’ emails.

6. Physical Receipts

Your Link Mode URL can be used in all manner of printed materials, but the till receipt is likely to be the most effective. After all, it’s going to be seen right after someone has made a purchase.

You could encourage staff to circle the receipt before handing it to the customer and asking them to leave a review.

It’s not just retailers who can take advantage of this approach. Service businesses could encourage feedback on invoices that are given in person or sent in the post.

To make this as easy as possible we believe you should turn your link into a QR CODE

and on that note:

6. Use QR Codes

COVID brought to us many things, one of those things being that we are now used to using a QR code.

Navigate to a free QR builder and place your link ( you can use this website).

From there you can head over to Canva if you want to jazz it up.


7. Business card

Add your customized Link Mode URL to business cards to make sure customers know from the beginning that you welcome feedback.

It’s a no-brainer to hand out the card after a purchase or the completion of service, and politely ask for feedback.

We see better results if you use a QR code.