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Automatic Review Request FAQs

Have questions about Automatic Review Request? Browse this list of frequently asked questions to learn more about the tool and make the most out of your ARR experience.

Where should I add my unique Goodreviews email address for ARR?

In order for ARR to work properly, it’s important that you enter this address in the correct place. You must insert the address into the BCC field of the transactional email you're using as a trigger. If this isn’t an option in your email settings, you can place this email as a CC.

Can I customize invitation emails sent using ARR?

You have control over settings such as the subject line, email body, and logo. These are automatically synchronized in your setup under Review Request settings.

How do I send personalized invitations with my customers' names?

As a default, customer names will be pulled from the “To” field, meaning you can sit back and rest assured that each invitation will be personalized.

Can I send invitations in different languages while using ARR?

No. At this time we only support English.

How can I upgrade to the latest version of ARR?

All updates are automatically applied to your account.

Is it possible to cancel an invitation created using ARR?

You can’t cancel individual invitations once they have been triggered.

Can I postpone or delay an invitation created using ARR?

Unfortunately not yet. We will bring this functionality.