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Add a new account (Multi-client Centre)

In this article we will cover how to add an additional account

Who is this article for?

Goodreviews supports multiple accounts. If you are looking at bringing an entirely new business onto our platform this article is for you.

If you are looking to add an additional location to an existing account please contact

Let's get to it 👇

Adding a new account for the first time

In order to add a new account, you must first log in to your existing account. This will become your master login to your multiple accounts.

After login in navigate to:

  • Account > Profile Settings

  • On the right-hand side select "Add new account"


After selecting add new account you will be taken through the normal onboarding process:

  1. Add the company's name

  2. Input credit card details (this will activate a new free 14-day trial for this account)

  3. Add "" to the relevant GMB location

  4. Allow permissions

💡Now an important step.

Goodreviews should now have access to multiple locations. For the new account only select the location you wish to collect and display reviews for.

Selected is displayed by a click.

Deselected is displayed by an empty circle.

image.pngOnce you are happy click next.

You did it! You've now successfully added a new account.

You can see the account you are logged in to in the bottom left at all times.


If you would like to navigate between your accounts simply select "Back to accounts"

You will be presented with the multi-account dashboard. The multiple account dashboard is what you will see every time you log in.

image.pngThat's it, if you'd like to learn more about navigating multiple accounts you can read more details here.