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Install Goodreviews' Square integration

In this guide, we will cover how to connect your Square Account with your Goodreviews' account.

Use Goodreviews and Square together to collect Google reviews effortlessly.

This integration allows you to automatically send Google review invitations when you or your customers complete an action.

You will need both a Square account and a Goodreviews account to set up this integration.

If you have not set up a goodreviews account you get started with a free trial here.

To get started, follow these steps to authorize permission for Goodreviews to connect with Square:

  1. In Goodreviews, go to Account > Integrations

  2. Click Connect and log in

  3. Click Allow

You'll be redirected back to Goodreviews. At this point, your Square account is connected and you'll be able to send review invitations automatically after every purchase.

You have successfully connected Square to Goodreviews. To manage how we send review invitations read this article.