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Collect reviews from multiple customers with an email campaign


In this guide, we will cover how to request customer reviews in bulk. This is one of the easiest and most scalable ways to dramatically increase your review profile.

If you are not using Automatic Review Requests, we recommend you send out a multiple send campaign at a minimum of once per month💪

A few things before we dive in


All emails sent out will first go through our deduplication process.

Without getting too technical, this means that a customer who has received a review request before won’t receive another.

This means you don’t have to worry if you’ve accidentally included the same email twice or have sent them a review request before.

Follow-up Sequence

All email campaigns have a built-in email follow-up sequence. If your customer does not open their first review request within 7-days, they will receive a follow-up review request. We do this to increase the likelihood that you receive reviews.

Email Settings

This guide does not cover your email setup, setting your scores, customizing your email or logo. If you have not set this up please read our Review request settings.

Let’s get to it 👇

Log in to your goodreviews account and navigate to Review Requests > Get reviews > Multiple people


Download your email CSV Template

  1. To send out an email campaign to multiple customers you must use our template.

  2. Click “Download template”

  3. Open the template with either Excel or Google Sheets (Google Sheets is a free product by Google that you can use. To learn more about how to use Google Sheets you can read on here)

  4. Input your customers’ information into the relevant fields in the spreadsheet:

    • Email - this is the email of the customer

    • Firstname - the first name of your customer.

    • Lastname - last name of your customer


Other software and systems you use in your business will have an “export” functionality to download a list of your customers. 

If you need help learning how to do that, it is best to ask the support team of that product.

Once you have your list, copy the relevant information (or data field) into the correct column of our template.

Save your file as comma-separated values (CSV) under a NEW name like “Goodreviews Customer Upload”.

Note: we only allow CSV files to be uploaded.

Once you’ve done this you can move to the next step. 👇

Upload your new file

  1. Click Upload your list 

  2. Select the file you have just saved

  3. Click open


You’ve now successfully uploaded your list. ✅

Check your permissions

At goodreviews, we do most of the heavy lifting in terms of legal work but we will need you to confirm that you have the right to contact this list for marketing purposes and that you have read our T&Cs and Privacy policy.

Please check both permission boxes

Click send your campaign 🎉

image.pngCongratulations, you’ve now successfully scheduled your campaign to be sent. It will take us up to 24 hours to send out your campaign.

Post campaign report

After we send out your campaign you will receive an email outlining:

  1. Total records uploaded - the number of customers you uploaded

  2. Total successful emails sent - the number of emails that went out successfully

  3. Total failed records - the number of emails that didn’t send correctly

If you have any questions you can contact us at