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Getting started with Zapier

What is Zapier?

Zapier allows you to connect your Goodreviews account with thousands of apps, including Google Apps, Xero, Hubspot, Stripe and more.

How Zapier Enhances Goodreviews

With this integration, you can set up triggers to send out review invitations via SMS or Email based on specific events in other apps.

To put it simply: if something happens in another app, a review invitation can be sent out because of that action.

Zapier examples

  • Stripe: When a new payment is made, send the payee a review invitation

  • Google Calander: When a meeting ends, send the attendee a review invitation.

  • Xero: When a new payment is received, send the payee a review invitation.

  • Quickbooks: When an invoice is sent, send a review invitation

  • Acuity Scheduling: After an appointment, send a review invitation

How to setup Zapier

  1. Go to Zapier Dashboard: You can access the Zapier dashboard by clicking here and log in/create an account.

  2. Create a New Zap: Click on "Create Zap" to begin the process.

  3. Select an application you would like to use as your trigger (i.e. Google Calander).

  4. Provide Zapier with correct access to the application and then set up your trigger.

  5. Once complete, select Goodreviews as the next application

  6. Enter the Necessary Information

    • a. API Key: You will find the API key provided on your Zapier integration page

    • b. Trigger Section: Select the remaining information from the data in the "Trigger" section that you want.

  7. Test Your Action: Click on "Test Action" to ensure that the function is working as expected.

  8. Publish Your Zap: Once everything is done and you're satisfied with the settings, click "Publish" to activate your automated review invitations.

Troubleshooting Zapier

Your Zap History contains a log of all your zaps. If your zap isn't working as expected, your Zap History will give you more details as to why a zap failed. If you need help with your zap, contact Zapier support.

Need assistance?

If you need further assistance please email us at the team are here to help.