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Review request settings

In this guide, we will cover how to set up and manage your Review Request settings. 

These settings control the wording and branding of the:

  1. Emails we send to customers

  2. Your landing pages

Let’s get to it 👇

Navigate to your settings

  1. Log in

  2. On the left-hand menu click Review Requests

  3. Click Settings

  4. Then press the Launch Settings button

Set your feedback scores

When we contact customers and ask them to review your business, they will be prompted to select a feedback score between 1 - 10 (1 = terrible; 10 = amazing). We use the NPS score (Net Promoter Score) approach for determining customer satisfaction.

Here you will need to select from the scale what we should consider as a “positive score” threshold. 

We will use this to differentiate between a Promoter(a good review) and a Detractor(a negative review).

If a customer is a Promoter they will be directed straight away to your Promotor Landing page, which is attempting to get them to get to Google to leave you a review straight away.

If a customer is a Detractor they will send to a feedback form where they can vent any frustration they may have had. From there, they will be sent to your Dectractor Landing page which meets them with wording reassuring them that they have been heard and then are offered to leave a review.

Here you need to drag the slider to set your score.

- We recommend you set this at a 7, which represents a 4 or 5 star Google rating.

Once you are happy click the Next button in the bottom right of the screen

Customize your email settings

Upload your logo

Upload the logo you want to display on your branded email and landing page. If a logo is not uploaded your business name will be displayed instead.

We highly recommend you upload your logo as it generally leads to more customers leaving you a review.

Your logo must be:

  1. In jpg/png format

  2. Max file size of 2MB. 

  3. Your logo will be cropped to fit 300px x 100px

💡 Pro tip - we recommend you use a tool like Canva to resize your logo to 300px x 100px

To upload your logo:

  1. Upload

  2. Select your image

  3. Click open

At any point, you can remove your logo by clicking the “Remove logo” button.

Legal Content

At goodreviews, we do most of the heavy lifting in terms of legal work. This is to ensure that you and your business are compliant with anti-spam laws around the world.

According to anti-spam laws if you are sending out an email you have to:

  1. Inform your customer they are receiving the email because they are a customer of your business. We prepopulate this wording from your Google My Business account and it is non-edible.

  2. Provide your full business address if your customers want to mail you.

    We prepopulate your business address from your Google My Business account. You can edit this information if there is another mailing address you would like to display.

    To do this you can edit the wording byline under the Physical address section

  1. Provide an unsubscribe option
    We have this handled for you with an unsubscribe option at the bottom of your email.

💡 Tip - Most customers
do not edit or change any of these settings

Customize your emails

In this section, we have prepopulated wording that has been successful in getting customers to leave reviews. However, this template is a catch-all, and updating it to be more specific to your business is always recommended.

Step one: Update your Email Subject line

Here you can update the email subject line your customers will see. We suggest you include your business name.


Step two: Update your Email Introduction line

This is the body of your email. Using the {{firstname}} variable will automatically pull in your customers’ first name. We recommend you keep this variable so that your customer receives a personalized invitation.

Update this section to be in line with your business and your brands’ voice.

Step 3: Setup your reminder email

All email campaigns have a built-in email follow-up sequence. If your customer does not open their first review request within 7-days, they will receive a follow-up review request. We do this to increase the likelihood that you receive reviews.

As above you can update both the subject line and the email body that they will receive.

To update the Subject line use the text box here

To update the reminder body use the text box here

Once you’re happy click next step 👇

Here you will be met with the look and feel of your email in a dynamic preview. The most important part to check is if your logo has been rendered correctly.

If you would like to change anything use the back button found in the bottom right to change.

Once you’re happy click next step 👇

Landing page settings

In this section, you can update all wording that your customers will be met with after they select their feedback score. 

As discussed previously under setting your positive threshold score (7 or above) your customers will go either to the positive landing page or the negative landing page 1 and 2.

We do this to ensure that you receive as many positive reviews as possible whilst deterring negative reviews from getting onto your Google account.

In this section you find three buttons to update each landing page. Each will have a dynamic preview of what the landing page will look like to your customer.

Note for multiple locations: all your locations will be displayed here directing your customer to the relevant location they had their experience.

Let’s go through each 👇

Promotor landing page

The promotor landing page’s purpose is to thank your customer for their positive feedback and direct them to Google to leave you a review.

Once again, we have provided wording that we have found to be successful. However, customizing this to be personalized to your business is recommended.

You can say things like:

“Google reviews are the lifeblood of business like ours.

It would mean the
world to us if you could take a minute to leave us a review so we can help more people [core value proposition].”

A core value proposition for a chiropractor might be like: find a chiropractor who can relieve them of the pain they deal with.

Think about what would make you go on to leave a review.

Detractor landing page 1

The detractor landing page’s purpose is to thank your customer for their feedback, request further information, and ensure them that you will make changes based on their comments.

At this point, we usually see a drop-off, meaning, less negative reviews to your Google profile.

Detractor landing page 2

After they’ve submitted their feedback they will be met with the Detractor landing page 2.

The purpose of this page is to reassure them that they will be heard, that their feedback matters, and that you will do everything in your power to make changes (even if you won’t).

This further deters them from going on to google to leave a review.

You may be thinking why do they even get the chance to leave us a review?

According to Google's Terms & Conditions, you have to offer all reviewers an option to leave a review - even if it is negative. This is known as review gating and has lengthy explanations on Google.

We’ve seen businesses use other Review companies (we won’t name names) who review gate and have been extremely punished by Google when they were found out.

After you’ve updated your wording for this section click save and exit.

🎉That’s it you’re done! You’ve successfully set up your review request settings 

If you would like to check that everything has been correctly set up and that you are happy with your settings we recommend sending yourself a review invitation. You can do this by following the Collect a review from a single customer guide.

If you would like to manage or change your settings at any time, you can by following the above steps again. As a note on any page, you can save your settings without completing each section. This is found on the button “save” on all pages.

If you have any questions you can contact us at