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Review Settings

Welcome to this guide on managing your Invitation Settings. These settings are crucial for the success of your account as they determine how you collect reviews, display your branding, and customize your SMS and email invitations. Follow along as we walk you through the process of setting up and optimizing these important features.

Goodreviews is designed to make the review collection process as easy as possible for you. Simply set up your SMS & Email invitations once and you can quickly send them out with minimal effort. No need to rewrite emails or texts each time.

Let’s get to it 👇

  1. On the left-hand menu click Review Requests

  2. Click Settings

  3. Then press the Launch Settings button


Step 1: Select how we ask your customers for reviews

We are here to help you maximize the number of high-quality reviews you receive. We can do this in two ways.

Option 1: "Get More Reviews"

By selecting this option, we will direct customers straight to your Google Review Profile, reducing the number of steps they need to take. This simplification leads to a higher percentage of customers leaving positive reviews, increasing your overall reputation and visibility.

Option 2: "Review Deterrence System"

If you want to deter negative reviews from reaching your public profile, choose this option. Instead of a direct link, your customers are presented with a selection between 1 & 10 (10 being positive). Using an NPS score to determine the customer's sentiment, qualifying them for the review process. This system will ensure that you receive fewer low-quality reviews, whilst also helping you collect positive google reviews.

If you have selected "Review Deterrence System" follow this guide instead.


NOTE: If you have selected Review Deterrence System please follow this setup guide.

Step 2: Upload your logo

To upload your logo:

  1. Click Upload

  2. Select your image

  3. Click open

At any point, you can remove your logo by clicking the “click here to remove” text.

Recommended specifications:

  1. In jpg/png format

  2. Max file size of 2MB. 

  3. Your logo will be cropped to fit 300px x 100px

💡 Pro tip - we recommend you use a tool like Canva to resize your logo to 300px x 100px.


Step 3: Customize your review invitation

Okay, so this is the important part. Asking your customers for a review.

You know your customer more than anyone. Speak to them from your unique voice/brand.

We have supplied three high-converting templates. You can navigate between these by pressing each button.

These templates are designed for you to edit/adapt and make yours. They are a great starting place, and we know they work.

Have a quick look through each and see which feels right for you. From there, get to editing and add your voice/brand to the invitation.

We use {{firstname}} to pull your customer's name and {{businessname}} to populate the name associated with your Google Business Profile. If you would like to use a shortened version of your business name simply remove {{business name}} and enter your preferred name.

Once, your happy click next.

💡 If you need an extra hand we have some examples you can view here.


Step 4: Confirm your legal content

We have automatically pulled your address from your Google Business Profile.

Ensure your address is correct, if not, update and click next. Please note, you are required to provide a real mailing address by law.


Step 5: Approve your invitation

On this page, you will see a rendering of your review invitation.

Check everything in detail, if you are happy, click next.

If something is not quite right click back and go to the relevant section that needs updating. Once you've updated click next until you get to this section and double-check before continuing by clicking "next".


Step 6: Customize your SMS review invitations

It's time to customize the SMS review invitations that will be sent out. Use the open text box to tailor your SMS review invitation to your brand.

To personalize each invitation, we suggest using the {{firstname}} variable to include the customer's name and the {{businessname}} variable to include your business name listed on your Google Business Profile. Here is a sample template that has proven to be highly effective, but feel free to modify it to suit your brand:

"Hey {{firstname}},

Jono here from XYZ Plumbing. I have a quick favor to ask. Would you mind heading to Google and writing a quick review?

It would seriously mean the world to me and the team if you did. All you have to do is click this link:"

Once, you are happy click the "next" button to continue.


Step 7: Customize your SMS reminder

Our automated follow-up system ensures that your customers don't forget to leave a review by sending a reminder text.

Use the text box to edit your unique SMS reminder.

Here is an example:

"Hey {{firstname}}, How did you go with the Google Review? Here is the link again, would really appreciate it:"

Step 8: In-store post-email invitation

In-store mode allows businesses to capture feedback from customers while they are at your location. In-store mode is a dedicated review collection website that is specific to your business. Customers are presented with a one-to-ten slider, after selection they are prompted to give their name and email, and one hour later, they will receive an invitation to review your business on Google. This allows you to capture Google reviews and improve your online reputation.

Many of our customers use this collection method on a dedicated tablet, making it perfect for businesses such as dental practices, hotels, law firms, and more.

In this section, you can customize the review invitation that your customers will receive. This is the message that they will see after they have provided feedback and are invited to leave a review on Google.

Update and edit the existing template to suit your brand then click "next"


Step 9: When would you like to send your invites

Here you can select the time at which we will automatically send review invitations on your behalf. Please note that this selection will only affect the send time for Automatic Review Requests and any other Integration.

To maximize the likelihood that your customers will leave a positive review, we recommend selecting a time when they are most likely to be satisfied with your product or service.

To make your selection, simply use the drop-down menu below and choose the time that you believe will be most effective. When you're ready, click 'save & exit' to save your changes and all your review invitation settings.


🎉That’s it you’re done! You’ve successfully set up your review settings.

If you have any questions you can contact us at